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Matt DeHart turns 32 on 11 June: show your support!

Anonymous-affiliated courier and former US Air National Guard intelligence analyst Matt DeHart turns 32 on 11 June 2016 — show him your support by wishing him a happy birthday with a card or letter this week.

Write to Matt at this address:

Matthew Paul DeHart, #06813-036
FCI Ashland
Federal Correctional Instituion
P.O. Box 6001
Ashland, KY 41105

Matt DeHart’s mother Leann has committed to write something every day for her son. She blogs at We have begun cross-posting some of her articles, including this piece on visiting Matt for six hours last month:

Matt looks great! He has a tan. He is dressed in Khakis and as Adrian Humphrey’s once commented on Matt’s smile as being large and goofy…there it was lighting up his whole face.

Six hours. We got to spend six hours and some folks there suggested we get games because one runs out of things to say after an hour. But, as you might imagine, the DeHarts did not run out of things to say. It is the only time we can talk without being monitored. Trust me, we had much to say.

Thank you to all of those who wanted to send wishes and hugs; they were delivered..:)

See the rest of Leann’s blog here, and note important guidelines for how to write Matt here. Donate to Matt’s support fund here.