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Hundreds sign petition to restore Matt DeHart’s time served credit

Five hundred and seventy-one people have signed a petition to restore Matt DeHart’s credit for time he spent in a Canadian prison. When Matt signed a plea deal back in 2015, he did so with a commitment from the court and the US government that his prison sentence would account for the fourteen months he spent jailed in Canada. The Bureau of Prisons subsequently made the unilateral decision to revoke that time served, effectively extending Matt’s prison term by more than a year.

Matt has been working to appeal the decision, but as his mother noted in a January blog post, the BOP has stymied his efforts at due process. The General Counsel is reviewing Matt’s appeal, and a final decision on the matter is due by 24 March. The petition is now closed so its creator, Kristen Collins, can submit it to the BOP before the ruling.

You can send Matt a letter of support here and donate to his commissary and defense fund here.